White Bean and Kale Soup

Kale. White Beans. Carrots. Need I say any more! No honestly, they do marry so well together in my White Bean & Kale Soup.

There is a little prep work  involved. Wash (if needed) and cut up all over your veggies.

Recipe: Serves 4-6

The ingredients are:

1 can (15 oz.) of Navy Beans or White beans (preferably organic/drained and rinsed)
3 tablespoons of olive oil
2 medium carrots (sliced)
1 carton (32 oz.) of vegetable broth
1 medium yellow onion (diced)
1 – 2 cups of kale (cleaned, sliced off of rib and cut)
2 – 3 stalks of celery (diced)
1 teaspoon of sea salt
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
2 – 3 cloves of garlic (minced)

In a big pot, heat olive oil and saute for about 3 minutes. Add celery, onions, and carrots and saute them for about 5 minutes or until the onions are translucent. Then add in your beans and vegetable broth. Let the soup simmer on low heat for 30-45 minutes or until your carrots are nice and tender.

It doesn’t take long for the kale to cook so, 3-5 minutes prior to you serving, add and stir in your kale.

I like to serve this soup up with some fresh french bread with a little drizzle of olive oil on top. You could also add a little parmesan cheese as well.


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