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    Spiced Lentil Patties

    Spiced Lentil Patties - Supper With Michelle


    Believe it or not, I actually wrote down the recipe for these Indian inspired Spiced Lentil Patties over a year ago. After having cooked too many lentils, I knew they were going to go into a patty of some sort, I just had to figure out the right combination of spices. Let me warn you, these are packed full of various spices, but in such a good way. Some, you may already have in your spice cabinet and others you may have to find at a specialty store(such as the ground fenugreek, but it’s perfectly fine to omit it). I’m a huge fan of Indian food from various regions and I often experiment and play around with various spices to get the taste that I’m looking for. I’m certainly not encouraging you to run out and fill your spice cabinet with a lot of spices that you may not use but once or twice, but I am encouraging you to experiment with different spices any opportunity that you get. Feel free to tone down the spices where you see fit. I decided to serve my patties inside of some warm naan bread(which I bought) and they’re accompanied with my version of a Cucumber Raita.

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  • Fiesta Veggie Bowl - Recipe by Supper With Michelle - Spanish Rice

    Fiesta Veggie Bowl

      If you live in the US, then there’s a good chance that you’ve visited some of the well known fast food establishments called Chipotle’s and…

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